Little Islands, Pocket Beaches, and One Big Paradise

I’ve always had this deep-set desire to travel solo. So when I had a window for vacation before life got busy again, I did not hesitate and grabbed the opportunity to book a 3-day vacation in El Nido, Palawan, said to be the most beautiful beach our country of beautiful beaches has to offer.

Breakfast by the beach? All day =)
So this is the beach front view at the inn where I stayed. The moment I got down the transfer van, I heard the waves and ran to the back without even checking in yet! Doggo is happily getting a tan here! 🙂Beach-Front-Hotel-View-El-Nido
And of course, my getaway won’t be complete without having breakfast by the beach. Got my favorite “Tito” beer to go with the chow! El-Nido-Breakfast-by-the-Beach
That’s just me doing the obligatory “touch-down El Nido, Palawan selfie.” Gezzy-Aurell-Twelve-Moons-Blog-El-Nido-Palawan

Endless Ocean of Endless Wonders
As per popular advice, I booked Tour C and got to spend a whole day hopping from island to island in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Though if you decide to head to El Nido without any itineraries or tour packages, there are several agencies in there that offer customized packages.
Getting here to the hidden beach was quite tricky for me because I don’t swim and there were sharp corals. But luckily the tour guides had earlier suggested that I get those aqua shoes that came in really handy. What’s more? The currents were pretty strong, and our kind kuyas were happy to drag me along on a lifebuoy to get there! Hidden-Beach-El-Nido-Palawan
They call this the Helicopter Island. I am not quite sure why! El-Nido-Palawan-Islands
I even got to snorkel and see beautiful coral reef communities  that took two decades to develop. I’ll make a mental note to take Go-Pro with me next time so I can also take photos of the underwater community.

Great food, great ambiance.
I didn’t quite feel like going back to my room when the trip ended. I wanted to take in everything this amazing paradise has to offer. So I sat myself down on a random bar restaurant, on a table by the beach side so I could face the sunset while I got me a couple glasses of margarita.Sava-Beach-Bar-El-Nido-Palawan
This was the lunch buffet that was included in the trip package, prepared by tour guides themselves! We couldn’t quite get ourselves to eat the watermelon. It’s pretty obvious why! Lunch-Buffet-El-Nido-Tours-Palawan Back at the dormitel, I sat outside my room for some quiet time in the evening. It happened that my trip coincided with the full moon. It felt like everything was taken straight out of a storybook. In that moment, I felt like never wanting to leave this place again. EcoHotels-El-Nido-Palawan
Kitty taking comfort like she’s mine =)IMG_8243

On the morning on my flight back to Manila, I got up early (something I hardly do) just so that I could take in more of place. I’ve gone to several places, but I’ve never felt this sad about leaving a place all my entire life. I wished that I had booked more days so I could have seen more beaches and done more snorkeling. 

Breathtaking in all its God-made glory, El Nido is a place you MUST visit at least once in your life.

Best Tofu Stake I’ve Had

Spicy-Maki-Teriyaki-Boy Top Photo : Tofu Steak | Bottom Photo : Spicy Maki 

There are two reasons why I keep coming back to Teriyaki Boy – their tofu steak and their quality Japanese food at affordable prices. I’ve eaten at several Japanese restaurants who charge at a rather higher price range, but this one is my favourite of all because their food is better and also comes at a better price.

And that tofu steak I am crazy about? It’s got some tofu with a bit of beef all wrapped up in a crispy… Well, I don’t really have the words to describe how good it tastes 🙂 So it is best to try it out yourself.