Step Back in Time at the Filling Station

Classic cars, retro posters, and… lifesize action figures? If you dig the old school vibe and love good food, there’s a quaint restaurant in town you sure would want to check out! Get ready to get swept back in time when you step through the doors of Filling Station!

Rock n’ Roll with The King Himself!

Elvis Presley would be the first to greet you on the second landing, along with other legendary icons.

Check out my hot date! 😂

This thing looks like it came straight out of Back 2 the Future.Filling-Station-Retro-OldSchool-Restaurant-Manila

Wanna take a ride?Filling-Station-Makati-Retro-Cars

They’ve got some old school wheels in the house, quite literally! Make sure to dress up in a pin-up chic outfit for the perfect photo op.

Getting some dark Riverdale vibes here….Filling-Station-Retro-Posrers-Setup

Speaking of Riverdale, did anyone see Archie?Filling-Station-Retro-Interior-Makati

Oh there he is! Look at all those old school posters. Even the logos go a long way back! Cadillac classics, retro gas pumps, and everything in between – it’s quite hard to imagine how much work it took to put this whole place together.

And of course, what’s a restaurant without good food? 🙂Filling-Station-Brazo-de-Mercedes-Cake

Choosing this melt-in-your-mouth brazo de mercedes cake for the feature because I’ve never tasted dessert this good! It’s layered over vanilla ice cream and the whole thing’s not to sweet but really, really good! Enough for one, but trust me, you can never go wrong with a second serving 😉


This restaurant’s name is unbelievably MISLEADING.

When a restaurant dares to call itself “Tokyo Bubble Tea,” you expect them to deliver bubble tea that is worth every penny you are paying for it. Well, if you for one second believe what this restaurant says they are, you’re in for a wild surprise.

Forget about your expectations, because it’s something else entirely. I wonder why they even bothered to call themselves “Tokyo Bubble Tea,” when in fact it is more than clear enough with anyone who has a tongue that they are actually so much more than just awesome bubble tea! 😀 From flavourful maki rolls to sumptuous cakes, they have everything a foodie can ask for in a Japanese restaurant!

Fiery Maki Rolls and MoreTokyo-Bubble-Tea-Tuna-Crips-MakiTokyo-Bubble-Tea-Spicy-MakiNever knew that spicy maki could taste so good! Tokyo Bubble Tea has them in every kind, from the classic ones to really creative ones. I especially like the Crunchy Midori Maki. Be sure to try it when you visit them!

Chasu Ramen for the Hungry Ones!
Tokyo-Bubble-Tea-RamenThis large bow of the Japanese classic chasu ramen is filled to the brim with the richest flavours of the east.

Delightful Desserts
Tokyo-Bubble-Tea-Strawberry-ShortcakeTokyo-Bubble-Tea-Chocolate-CakeDinner is never complete without some awesome dessert to finish it with! These Tokyo Bubble Tea cakes sure look yummy and ARE superbly delicous!

Rice Meals for the HungryTokyo-Bubble-Tea-Teriyaki-DoriaNeedless to say, they have that one thing every Asian restaurant has – rice bowls! I love their Doria meals so much because it’s topped with loads of OOEY, GOOEY CHEESE ❤ Yummy and really filling!

So there you have my list of faves from Tokyo Bubble Tea. I’m sure you’d love to try them out! And of course, don’t forget to order one of their awesome drinks to go with your meal! 😉

Well, it doesn’t taste like what it says it is.

The-Coffee-Bean-Guiltless-Chocolate-CakeThe-Coffee-Bean-Hazelnut-CoffeeHazelnut-Coffee-Guiltless-Chocolate-Cake-2I’m not exactly a health-junkie kind of person and I love eating desserts. I don’t count my calories and just order what I think tastes good and looks like it tastes good.

So when I saw that The Coffee Bean has this “Guiltless” Chocolate Cake that has a velvety look to it topped with some thin chocolate shavings, it just looked so good I had to try it. I am so surprised they call it “guiltless” because seriously every bite of  this awesome thing tastes like SIN! It is not too sweet but not bland and rather has the rich, deep taste of pure chocolate. The mousse so smooth it feels like eating something in between cream and air.

At one point, I felt guilty for having ordered another slice 🙂


Little Islands, Pocket Beaches, and One Big Paradise

I’ve always had this deep-set desire to travel solo. So when I had a window for vacation before life got busy again, I did not hesitate and grabbed the opportunity to book a 3-day vacation in El Nido, Palawan, said to be the most beautiful beach our country of beautiful beaches has to offer.

Breakfast by the beach? All day =)
So this is the beach front view at the inn where I stayed. The moment I got down the transfer van, I heard the waves and ran to the back without even checking in yet! Doggo is happily getting a tan here! 🙂Beach-Front-Hotel-View-El-Nido
And of course, my getaway won’t be complete without having breakfast by the beach. Got my favorite “Tito” beer to go with the chow! El-Nido-Breakfast-by-the-Beach
That’s just me doing the obligatory “touch-down El Nido, Palawan selfie.” Gezzy-Aurell-Twelve-Moons-Blog-El-Nido-Palawan

Endless Ocean of Endless Wonders
As per popular advice, I booked Tour C and got to spend a whole day hopping from island to island in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Though if you decide to head to El Nido without any itineraries or tour packages, there are several agencies in there that offer customized packages.
Getting here to the hidden beach was quite tricky for me because I don’t swim and there were sharp corals. But luckily the tour guides had earlier suggested that I get those aqua shoes that came in really handy. What’s more? The currents were pretty strong, and our kind kuyas were happy to drag me along on a lifebuoy to get there! Hidden-Beach-El-Nido-Palawan
They call this the Helicopter Island. I am not quite sure why! El-Nido-Palawan-Islands
I even got to snorkel and see beautiful coral reef communities  that took two decades to develop. I’ll make a mental note to take Go-Pro with me next time so I can also take photos of the underwater community.

Great food, great ambiance.
I didn’t quite feel like going back to my room when the trip ended. I wanted to take in everything this amazing paradise has to offer. So I sat myself down on a random bar restaurant, on a table by the beach side so I could face the sunset while I got me a couple glasses of margarita.Sava-Beach-Bar-El-Nido-Palawan
This was the lunch buffet that was included in the trip package, prepared by tour guides themselves! We couldn’t quite get ourselves to eat the watermelon. It’s pretty obvious why! Lunch-Buffet-El-Nido-Tours-Palawan Back at the dormitel, I sat outside my room for some quiet time in the evening. It happened that my trip coincided with the full moon. It felt like everything was taken straight out of a storybook. In that moment, I felt like never wanting to leave this place again. EcoHotels-El-Nido-Palawan
Kitty taking comfort like she’s mine =)IMG_8243

On the morning on my flight back to Manila, I got up early (something I hardly do) just so that I could take in more of place. I’ve gone to several places, but I’ve never felt this sad about leaving a place all my entire life. I wished that I had booked more days so I could have seen more beaches and done more snorkeling. 

Breathtaking in all its God-made glory, El Nido is a place you MUST visit at least once in your life.