TIME is the Greatest PARADOX

Because it is infinite, and yet it is precious.
When I think about the concept of time, I can’t help but see it as a theory – a make-believe measure humans came up with so we can put a tab on the lives we live; when in reality, the only “time” that really exists is the infinite “now,” in which everything is suspended and everything happens all at once – all just waiting for us to see it in its glorious beauty but going unnoticed because we have a fucked-up idea of what a lifetime is about.
Come to think of it, we are probably the only species that go about their day measuring it by the hands of a clock. Birds just when know when it is time to fly out in a different direction when the weather changes. But they probably don’t worry about that. They sing their songs and fly high in the skies until they know it is time to do so.
But humans? We were told from a very young age that we we only have a lifetime, and that within that lifetime is a series of socially mandated “milestones” we are meant to achieve or our lives would have “gone to waste.” So we go about our day, measuring the time it takes for everything we do from the moment we plant our feet on the ground to the time we close our eyes to sleep.
We take hurried seven-minute showers and eat our breakfast in large bites because we don’t want to be late to work. Our movements are dictated by the rythm of the “seconds passing by,” keeping us from realizing how good it feels to take a warm bath. Or taking a moment to savour the food our loved ones made for us. Or even bothering to spare a moment to tell them “thank you for making breakfast.”
My hope for you is to realize that time is infinite, and we are never running out of it. It is so precious it deserves to be spent in moments and not in seconds. It is not the $1600 watch you are wearing on your wrist. It’s that photo of your family sitting on your desk, taken in a fraction of a second and immortalized on a piece of paper. It is not the 12-minute quarter of a basketball game, but the rythm of the ball bouncing on the floor and your heart pounding as you run across the court. It is not the 15-minute coffee break you spend with your colleagues, but those smiles and stories you exchange in between.
“Time” is not a cycle that starts and ends. “Time” is all those in-betweens.
So go ahead. Spare two seconds to say those three words that will last a lifetime. Take five extra minutes to do your makeup the way you want it and feel good about yourself for the rest of your day. Take a moment to pray and say thanks. The “time” that you will spend to do it, you will have it again the day after. But those moments, you will carry them for always and they will always be worth it.

Of Pirates and Princes

This book sure as hell gave so much more than what I expected. And I won’t lie about it, the best part is Nikolai Lantsov 🙂 And I’ve been reading the updates lately, I’m so thrilled to know he gets to have a book all to his own.

This book series never ceases to get me turning page per page. Each time I read I go like, “Okay, just one more chapter and then I’ll sleep.” I didn’t even realize I was already halfway through the book.

I’m almost sad I’m down to the last book of the trilogy. I enjoy Leigh Bardugo’s writing style so much. I look forward to more Grishaverse materials ❤



A Book Fit for Queens

My first thought when I picked up this book from the shelf was, “Hey, here’s something dark.” And when I began to read, it actually turned out to be a little bit darker than I thought it was.

This book has an interesting plot in that it gives you not one, not two, but three heroines. It has you wondering who’s gonna win that prized crown, and when it ends you can’t quite wait to read the next.

The story does take a while to form, but the whole book will have you reading from every page that is filled with intrigues and plot twists.

It was the end twist that really got me wanting to read the second installation.

Go ahead. Grab this book, and tell me who think will win the crown 😉

The Book that Started it All

I was so excited to read the book that started it all after finishing the second installation of Six of Crows duology, Crooked Kingdom. I have  to say, I was really glued to the book and actually did buy all three books at once. It had me turning page after page, and I love that it is not like your typical YA book (kudos to Leigh Bardugo’s writing style for keeping the cheesy moments in check :D).

But if I were to be completely honest, the one major reason why I was hooked is because of the villain we all love to love and hate altogether – THE DARKLING! He’s something else entirely! This is one villain to make you question which side you wanna be on.

I’d highly recommend this book for every YA lit fan out there. You’ll need to read this on your long free hours because it will be hard to put down, but I know you’ll want to sneak into the pages on those short breaks 😉