Why filed.com’s Scribble is my Choice of Planner for 2018

I’ve been using this other brand of planner since 2013, and quite frankly I am not a huge fan of pink. But filed.com‘s Scribble Planner 2018 is way too cute and gives off too much good vibes for me to ignore. Here’s a short list of the things that got me into getting one for myself.

Great To-Dos and Bucket ListTwelve-Moons-Filed-Scribble-Planner-Todos Sure, mostly every planner out there has this feature, but Scribble has it in this slum book kind of way that reminds me of high school. (Yes, I was cheesy like that and bugged my friends to fill those out.)

Stickers I’m Sure to End Up UsingTwelve-Moons-Filed-Scribble-Planner-StickersI hardly ever get to use these things but I’m sure these ones will end somewhere in the journal planner as I fill my days out.

Most of All, These Beautiful and Motivational ArtworksTwelve-Moons-Filed-Scribble-Planner-Typography-1Twelve-Moons-Filed-Scribble-Planner-Typography-2Years of work as a designer has taught me to appreciate art that is the product of hard work and awesome talent. I especially love good typography, and the featured artworks in this planner are so beautifully made that just looking at them instantly makes me feel good.

So, if you haven’t got a planner for 2018 yet and plan to fill your days with good vibes, I suggest you get one from filed.com.ph. It is really worth buying and having for a year-long company!

Author: gezzyaurell

+ Old Soul + Booklover + Foodie + Wanderer + All those other things.

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