The (Literally) Star-Studded Bag I Couldn’t Resist

Aldo-Moon-and-Stars-Studded-Black-Crossbody-BagI’ve always been a one-bag kind of girl. Or rather two, meaning I have one for daily use and another one for night-outs and special occasions. Being always on-the-go and quite busy, I hardly have time to transfer my things into a different bag everyday to match my roughly put-together outfit of the day.

But when a stellar queen sees a stellar piece fit for royalty, it is quite hard to resist grabbing it off the shelf. I have never gone shopping for a bag my entire life or bought one impulsively, and usually just go out to look for one when what I am using gets too tattered after a couple of years of daily use.

It sure is too small to contain all my daily necessities (I mean I practically carry my house with me), but I think it’s going to be my fave now for nights out with the girls. Ja?

Author: gezzyaurell

+ Old Soul + Booklover + Foodie + Wanderer + All those other things.

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